Sunday, 23 November 2008

999 Questions on the Rules of Golf

November 2008

Hi Golf Rules enthusiasts,

I’m Barry Rhodes, a high handicapper living in Dublin, Ireland, with a passion for golf. I have recently finished writing my first book, '999 Questions on the Rules of Golf', to be published in March 2009 by Green Umbrella Publishing. My mission is that ‘999 Questions on the Rules of Golf’ will assist all golfers, whatever their level of ability, to enjoy their game more, improve their scores and help maintain the integrity of the wonderful game that is Golf.

Naturally, I would be pleased to hear from anyone that may be interested in purchasing my book when it becomes available. I understand that it will probably retail for around £12.99 (US$17.99 or Eu€15.50). Of course I will be pleased to sign and dedicate any copies ordered as a result of enquiries received through this blog.

In the meantime, you may be interested in visiting another blog that I contribute to at, which is run by my good friend Andy Brown, of St. Andrews, Scotland. Click on my name in the Authors section on the right hand side of this web page for a multitude of interesting questions, answers and explanations arising from the Rules of Golf. Andy and I are about to launch an audio product, ’99 Golden Nuggets to Demystifying the Rules of Golf’, an 80 minute CD, divided into 11 sections, with priceless information to assist golfers avoid penalties and save strokes. More information as soon as this is available.

Until the next time,

Good golfing and play by the Rules,

Barry Rhodes

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Daithi Ó said...

The very best with the publication of your Book, Barry! I'm sure it will be a fantastic success