Sunday, 30 November 2008

Useful Links on the Rules of Golf

Here are some of the web sites that I have found useful in pursuing my interest in the Rules;

The R&A Rules of Golf
An online version of the current Rules of Golf book.

The R&A Decisions on the Rules of Golf book online
An online version of the current Decisions on the Rules of Golf book

The USGA Rules of Golf and Decisions on the Rules of Golf books online

An online version of both the Rules of Golf book and the Decisions book formatted side by side on each web page, which I personally find easier to navigate and use than the R&A site. Of course, the content is the same except for some of the spellings!

Golf Rules Discussion Board
A friendly discussion board with a small, but well-mannered and knowledgeable group of posters. I occasionally contribute to this site as ‘999Q’.

The Leith Society
Questions, discussion and analysis on the Rules. This is definitely, a site for Rules aficionados only. The content can be very philosophical and heavy.

The Golf Channel Discussion Boards
This site contains discussion on all things golf, including a section on Rules & Rulings. It is very American, with many inflated egos and a lot of coarse criticism.

USGA - Our Experts Explain
USGA rules experts provide insight and explanations on Rules decisions and interpretations. They also address commonly asked rules questions.

And of course……

Andy Brown’s Number One Golf Blog
This site is where Andy posts my answers to the Rules questions that he receives from his subscription list. Well, I think that it’s good!

I hope that this list may save you some time in finding the best resources for following the Rules of Golf.


Barry Rhodes

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