Thursday, 18 December 2008

My Interpretation on video of Rules Incidents Involving Pro Golfers

Below are the links to five short videos that I made explaining rulings in different situations faced by well known professional golfers during tournament play. They are being used by Andy Brown of to promote the CD that we have jointly published, ‘99 Golden Nuggets to Demystifying the Rules of Golf’.

The Verdict: Why Tiger wasn’t penalised

The seagull incident that caused the stir!

Stop: Is Michelle Wie in the wrong?

Would YOU call this penalty on yourself?

Is Mickelson in the right?

(Edit January 2010: The R&A / USGA have recognised the ambiguity of this last incident and have introduced the following new Decision 14-2/2.5;
Q. A player positions his golf bag near the teeing ground for the purpose of blocking the sunlight from the position where he tees his ball. He then makes a stroke. Is he in breach of Rule 14-2?

A. Yes. As the player was not in contact with the golf bag, he accepted protection from the elements in breach of Rule 14-2. This answer differs from that in Decision 14-2/2 as, in that case, the player was in contact with the umbrella.

While a player may not place an object or position a person for the purpose of blocking the sunlight from his ball, he may ask a person (e.g., a spectator) who is already in position not to move, so that a shadow remains over the ball, or to move, so that his shadow is not over the ball. (New)
The above Decision provides a good example of how the Rules/Decisions are continually evolving to cater for the myriad situations that occur on the golf course.)

I hope that you agree that this is an interesting way to highlight different situations encountered on the course, which makes it easier for most golfers to understand and learn the relevant Rule.

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