Saturday, 24 January 2009

‘999Q’ Launches on March 23rd

Fingers crossed, but having missed the Christmas market, it now seems likely that Green Umbrella Publishing is on course for launching my book, ‘999 Questions on the Rules of Golf’ on March 23rd. It’s been a long wait for me, as I completed the manuscript in June last year, but due to the pressure of having several other books already in their pipeline GUP were not able to meet the original anticipated date.

‘999 Questions on the Rules of Golf’ is not just a Q&A book. For every question and answer there is an accurate reference to the applicable Rule or Decision, and in most cases a note to further explain the Rule. The questions are tiered into three knowledge levels; 333 simple questions that every golfer should know, 333 more difficult questions relevant to both casual golfers and golf club members, and 333 advanced questions for those seeking to expand their knowledge of the Rules. A detailed index provides an easy and convenient way for readers to reference specific situations as they arise. For variety, the questions are further subdivided into three formats; true/false, open answer and multiple choices.

I believe that this unique format, I can’t find any similar book, is a ‘must have’ for all golfers who wish to improve their knowledge on the Rules of the game, as well as an invaluable guide that helps to make sense of the many inscrutable Rules of Golf.

My mission is that ‘999 Questions on the Rules of Golf’ will assist all golfers, whatever their level of ability, to enjoy their sport more, improve their scores and help maintain the integrity of this fantastic game.

Email me if you would like a signed copy from the first print run in March.

Good Golfing,

Barry Rhodes

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