Thursday, 22 January 2009

Another Hilarious Golf Video on YouTube

Thanks to my new Twitter friend ‘MyGolfSpy’ for bringing this old video to my attention. You probably won’t be surprised that I’ve found something relating to the Rules here too. But enjoy it first.
Good Advice!

Well, I wonder if you picked up the two Rules issues. By saying, “You can’t get through there” and “Just chip it out”, the unfortunate fellow competitor (or opponent) was making a suggestion that could influence the player in determining his play, incurring a two strokes penalty in stroke play, or loss of hole in match play. The second irony is that, in match play, even if he hadn’t commented at all, when the ball rebounded off the tree hitting him in the crotch, the player who made the stroke could have cancelled it and played another ball, without penalty, from where his original ball was last played. This is Rule 19-3, ball in motion deflected by opponent, caddie or equipment in match play.

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