Friday, 6 March 2009

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Following many recommendations I have just installed FeedBurner on my blog, to manage RSS feeds and provide an optional email subscription. The new widget is at the top, right-hand margin of my home page. Those of you that had previously subscribed to feeds will have to re-subscribe using the larger orange icon in order to receive notifications of new posts. I apologise for this but I am assured that the new service will work better and it certainly gives me more feedback. The duplicate feed icons, will be removed over the weekend.

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Anonymous said...

I understand it is not compulsory for a marker to record his own score on the card he is marking. If so is it against any rule to make this mandatory as a local or club rule ?
Richard Stead

Barry Rhodes said...


Rule 6-6 states;

After each hole the marker should check the score with the competitor and record it. On completion of the round the marker must sign the score card and hand it to the competitor.

A Committee may not make a Local Rule requiring a marker to record his own score on the player's card that he is marking, but they may impose a sanction on those that do not, e.g. suspension from a future competition.