Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Did Kenny Perry Improve His Lie?

Kenny Perry has been cleared of any wrongdoing for his pre-shot actions during his playoff victory at the FBR Open back in February, but the debate continues amongst those of us that take an interest in the Rules of Golf. Take a look at the 14 seconds video clip of him preparing to make a stroke from the rough.

Now, let me give you some assistance to make up your mind on this issue by quoting the relevant words of Rule 13-2, Improving Lie;

"A player must not improve or allow to be improved:

  • the position or lie of his ball……by any of the following actions:
  • pressing a club on the ground……
However, the player incurs no penalty if the action occurs:
  • in grounding the club lightly when addressing the ball…..”
So, the question revolves around whether Kenny merely grounded his club lightly in addressing the ball, or whether he improved his lie by pressing his club on the ground. I will leave you to make your own decision on this, but am drawing it to your attention to highlight how easy it is to fall foul of the Rules, unless you are aware what you are permitted, and are not permitted, to do.

Learning the Rules save you strokes,

Barry Rhodes
rules at barryrhodes dot com

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Anonymous said...

knonsHow did Kenny get away with that! He clearly presses down grass behind the ball a number of times and is not, in my opinion, taking his address at the time as he moves away from the ball afterwards. In addition the commentation remarks specifically on the "clump" of grass behind the ball. The tournament committee reviewed the videotape of Kenny's action, and no evidence of any rules violation was found - I suggest they all need glasses !

Akshat said...

Very tough one there. Was he improving his lie or just gauging the depth of the lie before playing his shot?. By doing this in rough you are already risking your ball moving at address so if the ball doesn't move - I think it should be OK. I don't see that the lie is improved if the ball and the grass immediately behind the ball doesn't move