Sunday, 24 May 2009

My Book - '999 Questions on the Rules of Golf'

The reactions that I am receiving from the early purchasers of my book are very encouraging. Without exception, readers have told me that they have already learned a lot about the Rules that they were previously unaware of. I am delighted with this response as my whole purpose for writing these 999 questions, answers, references and explanations was to assist golfers of all capabilities to understand the Rules better.

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Along with all the comments that I have received about my book (thanks everyone) I am still working out whether this was a compliment, or not; “Hi Barry, I fell asleep reading your book in bed last night”.

Good golfing,

Barry Rhodes
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Anonymous said...

Barry - I am a rules enthusiast (which drives my wife and golf partners crazy as I recite them rules and decisions), and read & study all the various books on rules. Also, I take my club's Rules course at every occasion. I am also planning to buy your recent '999 Questions ...' book in the next few days.

Can you please advise which is the ultimate Rules or refereeing course that you would strongly recommend, or have ever attended, anywhere in the world (in addition, of course, to reading all your books, etc.) ? Is it the R&A Referees School at St Andrews Scotland, the USGA's School, RCGA's ?? Just curious. Some are better than others I've heard.

Also, how can I become a Rules or Tournament official (volunteer or salaried) ? Thank you.


Barry Rhodes said...


The only course that I have attended, and can therefore comment on, is the Advanced Rules and Refereeing Course, run by the PGA in their UK headquarters located in The Belfry, Sutton Coldfield. I found this to be an excellent course for anyone that has good prior knowledge of the Rules of Golf.

I presume that to become a Rules Official the first step is to introduce yourself to your regional or national governing body and express your interest in getting involved. I am afraid that I cannot be of much help on this question as I never chose to pursue this option. Perhaps someone else reading this blog may be able to offer better advice.

Barry Rhodes