Wednesday, 17 June 2009

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Regular readers of my blog will know of my association and friendship with Andy Brown of and

A few weeks ago ago my wife, Sandy, and I flew from Dublin to Aberdeen to stay with my son, his wife and their two baby daughters, for a long weekend. On the Monday, we met Andy and his lovely wife, Elle, behind the 18th green at St. Andrews. Andy had invited me to chat to him on camera about the Rules of Golf, their origins and how I am trying to assist golfers to get a better understanding of them through my book ‘999 Questions on the Rules of Golf’. After filming (there was only one take!) we all relaxed over lunch in the Links Clubhouse.

Check out our six minute video at

You will note that this is Episode 8 of If you are as fascinated by St. Andrews, as I am, you will enjoy the earlier 7 episodes as well. Andy is fortunate to live just a few miles from St. Andrews and is doing a great job in acquainting golfers all over the world with both the familiar and unfamiliar delights of this historic town. I particularly enjoyed the aerial views of the Old Course in episode 6, and it’s not everyone that gets a one-to-one interview with Ryder Cup Captain, Nick Faldo, as Andy did in episode 4.


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Rowan Milton said...

it is a real eye opener reading yr blog.

I have the habit of simulating my putting stroke abt 2 feet fr the hole in the direct extension of my ball marker.

is this illegal?

Barry Rhodes said...


If I understand you correctly this putting routine does not breach any Rule, providing you do not touch your line of putt while doing so (Rule 16-1a).


Rowan Milton said...

very grateful for your reply. I must admit I have many occasion rest my putter on the line of putts many time not knowing I was in breached of the rules.

I shall not do it again.


Shane said...

Both my oponent and I were off the green. I chipped the ball not realizing that he did so at the same time. My ball knocked into his ball(it was moving at that time). what is the penalty for this and who should be penalized. I was further away.

Barry Rhodes said...


As both balls were played from off the putting green neither player incurs a penalty and the balls have to be played as they lie (Rule 19-5b).