Thursday, 20 August 2009

Global Talk Radio Interview

Tomorrow, Friday 21st August, at 17.00pm GMT (12.00 noon BST), I am pleased to be guesting on Alan Martin's Global Talk Radio Show, discussing the Rules of Golf. Sorry for the short notice, but if you are interested in what Alan and I have to say, but cannot tune in at that time, then you will be able to catch it later as the programme will be archived at Alan Martin is the inventor of 'Thumbs Down, the Power Move' and author of 'Thumbs Down, Golf Instruction Made Simple.'

Barry Rhodes

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Anonymous said...

hi barry
we played a b/ball comp on sunday,on the scorecard my partner wrote handicaps as 15(11) and 9(7)
3/4 diff.we won the comp but been disqualified for not putting the handicaps in the boxes provided.are we in the wrong, ty

Barry Rhodes said...


Your handicaps were correctly recorded on your score card and should have been accepted by the Committee. Rule 6-2b states;

In any round of a handicap competition, the competitor must ensure that his handicap is recorded on his score card before it is returned to the Committee.

Although it obviously assists the Committee if the handicap is recorded in a box printed for that purpose, it is not required by the Rules.


Unknown said...

Hi Barry. I recently joined my first golf club and entered my first competition(monthly stapleford) which I won,only to be disqualified for not entering my handicap even though it was all entered on the computer which had my handicap on when I registered before the competition started. I can accept this but I have also had my handicap cut can this be right as I was disqualified

Barry Rhodes said...


Yes, the disqualification was the correct ruling. One of the most important Rules in golf is that before a player returns their score card at the end of their round they must ensure that their gross scores for each hole are correct, their current (full) handicap is correct, their marker has signed the card and they must sign it themselves. Committees cannot waive any of these requirements, Rules 6-2 and 6-6.

A hard lesson learned, but you will probably never make the same mistake again.