Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Barry Rhodes 'Stars' in TV Ad

Several weeks ago I was approached by a eminent US advertising agency who asked if I would mind if they used short clips from my YouTube videos on the Rules of Golf. They explained that they were creating a TV advertisement for Golfnow.com, the largest online tee-time retailer in the United States, owned and operated by Golf Channel of Orlando, Florida. Of course, I was intrigued as to the context in which they wanted to use my low-cost, self-produced videos, but was happy to obtain any additional exposure that may result from the TV ads (and a nominal license fee helped me make-up my mind!). I think that the resulting ad will amuse you. I understand that it is already being aired to TV audiences in both the Atlanta and San Diego areas. Be patient, it takes a couple of seconds to start.

If you haven’t seen the original videos from which these ad clips were taken, each of which runs between 3 1/2 and 5 minutes, they can be viewed by clicking on these links;
Water Hazard
Lateral Water Hazard
Nearest Point of Relief
Ball Unplayable
The Rules of Golf aren’t really hard, and I hope that by following my blog you can get a better understanding that will help you enjoy your game more.

Good golfing,

Barry Rhodes

Barry Rhodes is;


courtgolf said...

I knew it ! Just had a feeling that was the great Barry Rhodes !

Fun commercial.

Anonymous said...


I have seen this add several times here in the Seattle, Washington area over the last couple of weeks.

Good show!