Saturday, 28 May 2011

Andres Gonzales Calls Penalty on Himself - Rules Official Disagrees

Andres Gonzales - Photo Titleist
Because I am going on vacation today I am taking a short-cut over a very interesting ruling that occurred during the first round of the Byron Nelson Championship on Thursday, involving bearded rookie, Andres Gonzales. I am a regular reader of golf blogger and journalist, Stepahnie Wie, who previously played competitive golf in the US junior and college circuits, and she has covered this unusual incident so competently that I am just going to point you to her two blogs on the subject. The most unusual aspect of this ruling is that the walking Rules Official overuled the player, who was about to penalise himself.

Check out the video entry first. Click here.

Now read the explanation as to why no penalty was incurred. Click here.

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