Monday, 28 November 2011

Two Golf Books for Christmas

This is a first for me, because in over three years of blogging on the Rules I have resisted the temptation to recommend any golf books, other than my own of course! However, I am going to break this practice by recommending two very different books.

My first recommendation is partly for selfish reasons. I am now receiving more questions on the Rules than I can cope with. The large majority of these can easily be answered by referencing the 'Decisions on the Rules of Golf' book. The most recent edition contains 17 new Decisions, 22 revised Decisions, 3 re-numbered Decisions, 98 revised Decisions and 35 withdrawn Decisions. I strongly recommend that anyone with an interest in the Rules of Golf should purchase a copy of this book, produced jointly by the R&A and the USGA. It is much easier and far more interesting to read than the difficult Rules of Golf book and will provide you with plentiful material for those apr├Ęs-golf exchanges in the Clubhouse or the bar. (US $ customers) (St £ customers)

I have provided links to both the USGA and R & A editions, but can assure you that the content is the same. The only real difference is the US English and UK English spellings.

And now for something that is completely different! When he sent me a copy of his recently published book, Jason Ross, an American author and golfer, told me that there is no other adventure book about golf written for young people. I read the 'The Magic Driver' this week and can honestly say that I cannot wait for Christmas, so that I can read this to my grandsons, aged 8 and 7. The story is about two youngsters, Justice, who is 12, and Gigi his younger sister, who live the simple life as two young golfers on the junior circuit, until they are given a magic driver that whisks them away to Thailand, where their real adventure begins. If you have children, grandchildren, nephews or nieces that have any interest in golf, I am pretty certain that they will enjoy this first book of what he hopes will be an adventure series, from Jason Ross. (US $ customers) (St £ customers)

If you are interested in either of these recommended books please click on the links above for more information. If you do purchase from this link I get 4% of the price to help defray some of my expenses. If you are receiving this blog by email click here to go to the links.

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