Wednesday, 28 November 2012

R&A and USGA Proposal to Prohibit Anchoring

USGA infographic on anchoring the club

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At last, we can view the proposal from the R&A and USGA that would prohibit anchoring the club (typically a long-handled putter) in making a stroke.

I emphasise that these are proposals, which even if they are implemented (highly likely), it will not be until 1st January 2016, over 3 years away. The proposed change to Rule 14-1b would not alter current equipment rules and would allow the continued use of all conforming golf clubs, including belly-length and long putters after that date, provided such clubs are not anchored during a stroke.

Personally, I welcome the proposals, albeit that I consider them belated by several years, but leave you to make up your own mind. I strongly recommend that you view the proposal, together with video and illustrations of what constitutes anchoring and what does not.

Here are the relevant USGA and R&A web site links, which will enable you to make an informed decision on their proposals.

Good golfing,

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Anonymous said...

Barry, Just bought a mid length counter balance putter. it is not anchored or intended to be anchored to chin/stomach. When i use it if i wear a rain jacket or wind shirt it looks like it is anchored although not touching my belly. I.E. saggy clothing with a little belly make it look like it could be anchored! It is ok when i wear a t-shirt!
If it is touching my clothing is it anchored?

Barry Rhodes said...


Did you read the links in the blog to the R&A and USGA explanation and the accompanying pictures on what will be permitted and what will not?

It is a question of fact whether the player intentionally holds the club or a gripping hand in contact with any part of his body, except a hand or forearm.

So, just because the putter touches your baggy clothing does not mean that you will be breaching the new Rule from 1st January next year.