Friday, 22 February 2013

9 (More) Tips on What the Rules Permit

In September 2009, I blogged on 9 short tips on what the Rules permit you to do, a few of which came as a surprise to some readers, judging from a number of skeptical emails that I received! Click here for that blog.  Now here are 9 more tips, which may also surprise some of you;

Under the Rules of Golf you may…;

  1. Rake irregularities in a bunker before you play your ball out of that bunker, provided this is for the sole purpose of caring for the course and nothing is done to breach Rule 13-2 with respect to your next stroke. Exception 2 to Rule 13-4.
  2. Carry a left-handed club, even if you usually play right-handed. Nothing in the Rules disallows this.
  3. Borrow balls, tees, gloves, towels etc. from another player during a round (in fact, you may borrow any equipment except a club). Decision 5-1/5.
  4. Have more than one caddie during a round, provided that you only have one caddie at any time. Decision 6-4/7.
  5. Enter the clubhouse, car park or pro shop during a round without penalty, providing you do not unduly delay play. Decision 6-8a/2.7.
  6. Knock down tree leaves with a practice swing, providing you do not actually improve the area of your intended swing. Decision 13-2/0.5.
  7. Test the condition of a bunker, providing your ball does not lie in or touch that bunker, or a similar bunker. Rule 13-4.
  8. Roll a ball over the putting green to a fellow competitor or opponent, providing you are not doing so to test the surface. Decision 16-1d/1.
  9. Remove a flagstick, or the equipment of any player, that has been left lying near to the hole if you think that any ball in motion might hit it. Rule 24-1.

A Slide Show that Might Interest You
Whilst I do not subscribe to all the comments on this slide show (27 slides), especially the final slide, which purports to give the reason why a round of golf is over 18 holes, I do support the message behind it. For me, the most important point that it illustrates is how lucky we are to engage in a sport that is played at such wonderful places. I recommend that you spend a couple of minutes checking out this link. For the real reason why a round of golf is over 18 holes check out this more authoritative link.

Good golfing,

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Anonymous said...

Barry - I am relatively new golfer and am trying to improve my Rules knowledge. Could you please tell me when a ball is deemed to be in a bunker / hazard? Is it when any part of the ball touches the bunker / hazard or is it when all of the ball is within the bunker / hazard?



Barry Rhodes said...


If you had read my previous blog; 'Memory Aids on the Rules of Golf' you would have seen the answer to your question;

When any part of a ball touches...;
... a bunker, it is in the bunker.