Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Special - Geoff Hassings
For my Christmas blog I am once again borrowing material from the regular tweets of a very funny Twitter account, @golfclubwankers, which I can recommend to all of you that can see a humorous side to golf and are not get easily offended by bad language, or non-politically correct comments. I think that you will recognise many of the following actions; if not in yourself, then in those that you play with.
  • Thinning your first chip on the practice green, ending up stone dead at the wrong hole, then chipping the rest of your balls to that hole.
  • Rushing to get something out of your golf bag and getting a tee right under the fingernail!
  • Checking the hole in desperation when you can't find your ball in the rough around the green. 
  • Chasing after an electric trolley that wasn’t quite turned off. 
  • When you are looking for a fellow competitor’s ball saying unhelpful things like; “What ball are you playing?”, “Did you get a line on it?”, “I didn't see it come down”, “You’re probably better off not finding it”, “That’s very strange, it shouldn’t be lost here”. 
  • Calling a fellow competitor by the wrong name for most of the round.Telling yourself to play safe before the round…. then hitting driver off every tee and lob wedge around every green. 
  • Smashing the ball into the dividing partition at the driving range and looking round to see if anyone notice. 
  • Cleaning your clubs in the kitchen sink on the night before you are due to go on a golfing vacation.Hearing golf balls rolling around your car boot when you go around a corner. 
  • Before going to sleep on Saturday or Sunday, reliving three missed putts, two knock downs and one duffed chip and thinking about what you should have shot this weekend. 
  • Practicing your swing in front of a mirror using a TV remote control for the grip. 
  • Realising that you are addicted to golf, as you start looking for golf courses through the aircraft window as you take off and land.
  • After good round: “I love golf, it’s my passion in life”. After bad round: “golf is sh1t, don't know why I bother”.
I have to admit that there is only one of the above that I haven’t committed!

Pros Playing Bad Shots
If you are interested in seeing Pro Tour golfers playing poor shots just like you (well most of us!), then you might be interested in watching this 11 minutes YouTube video compilation of 51 bad golf shots from Tiger Woods, Jason Day, Justin Rose, Branden Grace, Phil Mickelson, Rickie Fowler, Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth and several others from the 2015 PGA Championship events. It might make you feel a little better the next time you thin a stroke, or hit it fat. Click here for the video. 

Happy Holidays to all my readers, wherever you may play your golf.

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