Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Christmas Special 2016

You know that you are probably playing too much golf when…

On a big night out, while searching for the cloakroom ticket, you find two tees, some scruffy receipts and the 10 cent coin you have been using as a ball marker.

You know your home course post code and at least three different sites/apps to check the weather forecast.

You check the first weather site, then hoping for something better, venture into a second and even a third to get their opinions on precipitation, wind direction and velocity!

European golfers have coins of at least three different currencies in their golf bag.

You keep score cards from all the different courses that you have played as a badge of honour.

There are some rounds that you cannot remember what you scored, as the card is illegible and has turned into that weird cardboard mush you only get in golf bags.

You have to pick up and wiggle any driver that is different to yours while you are waiting in the queue of the pro shop.

You can hear balls rolling around your car boot (trunk) when you drive around corners.

The pocket of your golf bag contains several dirty Pinnacles/Top Flights and one of them is always yellow.

You spend more time/money dressing for golf that going out for a meal with your partner.

You give directions like, 'there is a dogleg to the right' or ‘it is only a 5-iron from the gas station.

You have lied exaggerated to someone about your golfing abilities even though they have no idea what an ‘eagle’ is.

You cannot stop mentioning golf when chatting one-on-one with a member of the opposite sex.

If you are ‘guilty’ of five or more of the above you are probably playing too much golf!

10 Awkward Open moments

An amusing video from GolfShake.co that includes;
•    Tiger being accosted by a lap-dancer in her underwear
•    Ian Baker-Finch's hat blowing off as he drives his ball out of bounds to the left of the 18th on the Old Course, St. Andrews; he was playing the 1st!
•    Nick Faldo singing (he’s even worse than me!)

Click here for the compilation video, which may help some of us to realise that even Pro golfers have their embarrassing moments.

Christmas Greetings 

Wishing all my readers, wherever you play your golf, all that you wish for this Christmas season. May you balls always lie in green pastures and not in still waters!

Good golfing,


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